Frequently asked questions

  • Was wondering if you would be putting out new stock soon?

    After a long hiatus, restocks are coming in next week, with more on the way.

  • Can you do the Kirkey stainless seat in 1/25 scale?

    Yes! these are coming next week! check the website Tuesday/Wednesday and i'll have them up.  I had some made with this last run in 1:25.

  • where can i find the status of my order

    A few different ways. One you can login to your account to see the status, or two check your email (and spam folder) for an email from that contains your tracking information.

  • Need item dm045,046,120

    Sure, try these links to them in the store:



  • Hello - can I pay for a purchase with PayPal? Thanks Nick

    Hi Nick, you sure can.  Just checkout as normal and select "paypal" as your  payment option.

  • This I gary haye dirt world I need 40 set of DM076 wheel covers when can this be possible. I know u were out. Thank You gary

    Good evening. I should have a restock in two or three weeks.

    I placed the order some time ago and am just waiting for them to arrive.

    The chrome process takes about a week longer than a normal run, so a guess would be 2 to 3 weeks.

    I will definitely let you know when they arrive.

  • sounds great. if I could somehow reserve a set of them that would be great. I have an order that is currently with you. if we could work it out somehow that would be great. my email hasn't been showing the responses from your end for some reason. ill check later tonight on here for an update.

    I've adjusted to stock figures in the cart.  They are now correct.  I have 20ea of the brass DM027, and 1ea left of the stainless DM147 version.

    Just go ahead and order whatever you want as far as quantities, and i'll just ship both of your orders together and refund for the second shipping it will charge you.


    - Dirt Modeler

  • the old style is pn dm027 and show 30 in stock. tried to order but wont let me order. dm147 are out of stock but I would gladly use the old style.

    I see now.  I'm at work at my day job at the moment.  Let me check when i get home.  I need to do an overhaul of my shopping cart and re-synch the stock figures.  Due to some errors on how my cart works with my Ebay store my stock figures get messed up.

    I'll reply when i get home the true stock and fix it.  I believe i do have some of the spinter calipers in stock.  Dirt Modeler has kind of been on autopilot for most of this year and i'm just now starting to get back to it and get things cleaned up in the cart and stock re-ordered.

  • any idea on timeframe for sprint car brake rotors and calipers availability? shows 30 of old style and none of new revised. can we order the old style?

    Hello.  Which part numbers are you referring to? I'll do some research.

    thank you.

  • Hi, Do you except PayPal as payment ? Thanks

    Hi. Thanks for the question. We sure do. Simply select it as your payment type at check out

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