Delivery Information

Domestic USA Customers:

We ship USPS First Class mail nearly exclusively.  It's cheaper to ship, and extremely easy for us to get a package mailed.

Tracking: On 10/2014, we changed the system we use to ship, and tracking is now included!! You will receive an email with your tracking information when your order ships (make sure and enter your email address correctly on your order)

International and Canadian Customers:

We ship orders via USPS International First Class.

Shipping Times: On 10/2014, we changed the system we use to ship, and we can now ship orders outside the United States under 13 ounces without visiting the post office.   

Shipping Charges: Customers outside the US, you can get some items shipped quite cheaply.  items that can be shipped flat can go USPS International Large Envelope for just $3.95.  On these orders, i omit the header cards from products.  The ability to do this is based on what you order.  If you keep your order to just 1 to 4 photoetched items that i can ship flat, i can ship with this method.  If the item is larger (like a nose, or a 3D Printed Item) that must be put into a box, the shipping charge jumps tremendously, as the next charge up is $15.95.  I don't have a way yet to adjust your shipping chage based on what you order at checkout.  You will be charged $15.95 up-front for shipping, but as long as i can get what you order inside the limits of a Large Envelope, I will ship that way and refund you the difference.  *note* i've found success using this method, having shipped to multiple countries in both hemispheres.  Keep that in mind when ordering.

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