Join the 1:24 Injection Molded Dirt Late Model Kit Movement.

The Project: A 1:24th scale fully injection molded plastic kit of a modern Dirt Late Model. The Goal : We’re looking for 10,000 nods of support from interested modelers and fans worldwide.  We’re still WELL below our goal, and could really use your help in making this happen. Your Role: Show your support to this project,… Read More »

Dirt Modeler on Ebay

Since i’m selling my molds and masters, i’ve had a couple customers asking my Ebay account information. Please note that i haven’t yet put the molds up on Ebay, i’m still cataloging and photographing everything for the ad.  I’ll post when i do (all posts now automatically get re-posted to Facebook and Twitter) The following is a link to the Dirt Modeler… Read More »

Avatars up on the Site.

It’s a small addition, but i’ve added a custom Avatar plugin to the site.  You can now up load your own avatar images to show next to your posts on the main site and on the forums.  Go to Edit Profile, and scroll to the bottom to upload your avatar.  Cool!  

1:24th Kirkey Seats back in stock.

1:24th Kirkey Seats are back in stock, our shipment arrived today.  I’ll be adding the 1:12th Dzus plates, and 1:43 Kirkey seats to the store later today.

Dirt Modeler on Twitter

Continuing our Social Media Integration, I’ve added Dirt Modeler to twitter.  This applet will post a tweet whenever a new article is posted on the site.

Soldering Brass with Paste Solder – YouTube

I don’t usually use paste solder, but there are many ways to solder.  I thought this video might be helpful. Notice the clamp at the bottom of the brass part, next to the joint.  That’s a heat sink, and will keep the joint it’s next to from desoldering while you’re soldering another part close-by.  These… Read More »

Smallest V-12 engine of the world

One heck of a job on this one! i wish i had 1:8th of his machining skills! El motor V-12 más pequeño del mundo.(Smallest V-12 engine of the world) – YouTube.

Fresh Changes.

I’ve spent some time on improving the site, so you’ll notice a few changes.First of all, we have new forums.  The old forum was sitting on our old Arvixe servers, and the performance and stability was abysmal.  Though we’ll have to start over, the new forums are much more solid, and are much, much faster.… Read More »

Help Wanted

I’m looking for help in researching and locating new parts that i can add to the Dirt Modeler lineup.  It’s imperative for the future of Dirt Modeler to continue our expansion into new modeling categories, and that’s where i need your help. I’m looking for enthusiasts of all types of modeling to submit ideas, drawings,… Read More »

1:24 Kirkey Seats restocking soon

Everyone’s been very patient awaiting a restock of our best selling Kirkey Seats.  We’ll have a new supply of them in about a month.  We’ve decided to devote nearly a whole plate to our 1:24 seats.  The artwork has been approved, and the etching run is now in the queue. Also on this plate is… Read More »

Seeing the Light

Good day everyone. I thought i’d take a moment to send an update.  My workload at my day job is starting to lighten as we get closer to the end of this current project. As i have more time and energy at the end of these less stressful days, i’ll be once again turning my… Read More »

Buried, but alive!

Just a quick update everyone. We’re still around and kicking.  For my day job i’m a catalog photography coordinator for a big gifting company.  We photograph our Christmas catalogs during the summer.  This is the busiest time of the year for me.  Last year didn’t get moving until mid-June, so i was anticipating getting more… Read More »

Some of the Parts Coming.

UPDATE 9/11/12 The folks that printed the 3D parts for me have raised their prices to the point where these aren’t financially viable.  I am working on a solution to this, and cross my fingers i will have it solved by the end of the year.  The Sprint Car Spindles will be in a kit… Read More »

Circling Back around to Sprinters.

Being just one person, it can take me some time to get everything done that i want. Plus, i tend to jump around a ‘bit from time to time. Drag Racing parts have been dominating my attention of recent, but there is good news for sprint car modelers.  I’ve decided to pool my work to… Read More »

Nitro Research Day

Today i only finished a few new drag racing parts, i’m coming to the end of the ‘easy’ parts (simple tabs, clevis brackets, etc).  I’ll soon be turning my attention to more complex items and decided to spend most of today relaxing and locating as much reference material i could grab.  The day was fruitful… Read More »

New Material Outlet

I’ve added a second store to the site as a result of a project i’m currently working on. This new store will be for materials and tools that i mention in my articles.  The  Materials Outlet will be a centralized spot to browse all the materials and tools i mention in my articles, rather then… Read More »

• Bending your Photoetch

Bending your photoetch correctly is a big deal, and bares some review before you begin. It’s important to (almost) always bend your photoetch INTO the fold lines, not away from them.  There may be times when you need to bend the opposite direction, but make sure that’s what you really want before you start bending.… Read More »

1:24 Kinser Kit finally released

It was a long time coming, but the Steve Kinser 1:24th Bass Pro Shops Sprint Car Kit is finally out and available. I recommend stocking up on them while they are available at mortal price ranges. I’ve purchased a few myself, so i can get some photography with the Dirt Modeler parts in place.  If… Read More »

• Rocket Chassis Plans V2

I’m currently working (in my copious spare time) a full update of the Rocket Chassis Plans. This revision is tuned for the end user (the original plans were never meant for anyone but me to use). This new revision will be printed and comb-bound, and available for sale in the store. With this updated version,… Read More »

• On the Horizon

The next round of plates are likely going to be a return to .006″ Stainless Steel. I haven’t decided fully quite yet, but i’m leaning that direction. A few certainties on this new plate: 1. More 1:24 Dzus Plate collections 2. New, smaller, and more usable Functional Zip Ties. 3. 1:24 Sprint Car Mud Clod/Dirt… Read More »

• New Brass! Parts have arrived.

Freshly arrived, about a week ahead of schedule is our latest brass offering. 1:16th modelers should rejoice! No more making 4-link suspension mounts from scratch. Our New Products are: DMD-003 – 1:16 Pro Mod/Drag Car 4-Link Suspension Mounts DMD-004 – 1:16 Pro Mod/Drag Car Front Suspension Mounts DM064 – 1:16 Dzus Plate Collection DM080 –… Read More »

• Changes, Upgrades, +

i’m in the process of moving the site over to a new host. In the process of making this move, i’m doing a complete revamp of everything. A new store, new forums, and a new photo archive that will allow everyone to share their reference photos.

• Sprint Car 1:24 Rear Axle Drawing

Here is a link to this image in a .PDF file ( It will print in perfect 1:24 Scale for easy use). I thought it would be helpful to add a correct drawing for a Sprint Car rear axle.  It is important that your axles are the correct length, and the birdcages are mounted in… Read More »

• Working with tiny nuts & screws.

Dirt Modeler was started as a side project to Intersection Replicas as i had a constant string of emails from people wanting to purchase my parts.  Intersection Replicas began with an idea to push the envelope of what was possible with a 1:24 dirt late model.  Two things i knew for certain when I sat… Read More »

• Orders Shipping

We’ve began shipping our back orders. A number of them are going out this morning, with the remainder going out the next few days.

• New Milestone!

This month we’ve crossed the 1,000 unique visitor threshold.  I would like to say thanks to all who have taken an interest in this project as it continues to grow.  This month crushes the previous month’s record of just over 700 unique visitors.. and we’ve still a few days left in July to add to… Read More »

• Tube Chassis? Use Rod!

First of all, let me say that though the real car you are modeling uses a tube chassis. There’s no reason you have to use tube to make your scale version.  Resist the temptation! Trust me, nobody will know! Rod is cheaper, easier to bend and cut, and comes in a larger variety of sizes.… Read More »

• New Parts officially coming soon

Artwork for the new parts has officially been completed and submitted.  All that is left to do now is wait for them to be etched and shipped. I’d like to thank everyone for their comments, suggestions, and enthusiasm for all the new products.  We couldn’t fit all of the requested parts on the plate, but… Read More »

• Release Date For Kinser Set

Revell has finally set their release date for the Bass Pro Shops Steve Kinser Kit. These will start showing up online and in your local hobby shops late September 2011

• Sprint Car Preorders

As the parts have been finalized, i’ve been adding them to the store for preordering. Please note that your card will not be charged until the parts are ready to ship. Preorders are extremely helpful because they allow me to accurately judge how many sets of plates I should order in the initial run. If… Read More »

• Magnetic Jigs

I’ve had numerous inquiries as to my setup for soldering.  I’ve tried multiple different variations, but have found that without a doubt the best way to solder a tube chassis is with a magnetic jig. There is some initial investment involved here, but once you have your setup it will last for many years, and… Read More »

• Sprint Brakes Interactive

A preview of a couple of upcoming things. First, The 1:24 all brass Photoetched Sprint Car Brake parts.  I had to draw it out in 3D to make sure everything would fit together as planned. Secondly, Video and flat 2D instructions are so 90’s. How about an interactive 3D version of assembly instructions? Well, it… Read More »


Well, we’ve hit 150 downloads of the Rocket Chassis Plans! Now this may not seem like that big of a number since it seems everything on the internet is counted in millions, But i’m happy to know that there are at least 150 people out there interested in modeling modern dirt late models!  Until i… Read More »

• Dirt car reference archive grows

Our online reference photo archive increased by a few thousand photos today.  New images of various Dirt Late Model motors and parts, and some new car photos of Scott Bloomquist and Steve Casebolt.

• Assembling your Birdcage Kit

These tips work in conjunction with the the Exploded View Drawing of the birdcage kit.  (View Here) The Birdcage Kit can be purchased Here. Tools/Supplies used in this article: [amazon_image id=”B0019MRTMA” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Flapwheel 120 Grit,3/8″[/amazon_image] [amazon_link id=”B0019MRTMA” target=”_blank” ]Flapwheel 120 Grit,3/8″[/amazon_link] [amazon_image id=”B000IBSFAI” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter[/amazon_image] [amazon_link id=”B000IBSFAI”… Read More »

• New Sprint Car Forum

I’ve added a sprint car forum to allow discussions around the fabrication of the new Dirt Modeler Sprint Car parts, and eventually their assembly. Please visit the forums and help sculpt these parts into the exact parts you want.  There are lots of little things to consider in how these are made, including how you’ll… Read More »

• New Rocket Crossmembers

With the introduction of our downloadable Rocket Chassis plans, it reminded me that i haven’t added the Rocket Chassis Crossmember kit to the online store. Rocket Chassis Plans can be downloaded here Rocket Crossmember kit can be found in the online parts store here

1:24 Dirt Late Model Plans – FREE

Full Plans for a Rocket Dirt Late Model in 1:24 are available free.  These plans are Open Source. They are NOT to be resold under any circumstances without the express written consent of Michael S. Crowley. You can redistribute these plans, and modify them to your liking. This document contains information on not only the… Read More »

• New Forums Online

I received reports of issues registering new accounts on my previous forums.  I did away with using a 3rd party website (, and installed the same forum software on my web server.  Unfortunately everyone will have to re-register.  The good news is that in the long run it will reduce downtimes and issues.  Freeforums was… Read More »

• New Dzus Plate Collection

Now in stock, is our exclusive Photoetched Dzus Plate Collection.  Made of .006″ Stainless steel with unparalleled realism. The perfect addition to your 1:24 modeling project. Click to claim your Dzus Plates.

• Revell to re-release Sprint Car Kit.

Ebay kit prices are expected to plummet with the release of a new Sprint Car Kit by Revell/Monogram.   The kit is said to be the legacy tooling, with only decal changes. This time around it’s the legendary Steve Kinser’s Bass Pro Shops Sprinter. The good news is, kits will be available at a reasonable… Read More »

• Add-on for 1:64 Diecast

We’ve added a collection of Beadlocks and Mud Plugs that perfectly fit the wheels of your 1:64 American Diecast Late Models (and may even fit the Mods, though we don’t have any to test). If you want to keep the integrity of your cars intact, simply use rubber cement to mount them! it will peel… Read More »

• New Parts are in.

The parts arrived yesterday evening. Many of our parts have been consolidated into new collections, rather then being sold separately.  It will make it easier for us to pack and ship these popular parts, and the costs have been reduced as well. In the next day or two i’ll update the store with the new… Read More »

• New Parts arriving this week.

I received the invoice via mail on Monday for the new parts, and this is traditionally followed only a short time later by the parts themselves.  I’ll be updating the Dirt Modeler store once they arrive.  A number of items will be replaced by small collections all on the same sprue.  Prices are also going… Read More »

• New Sprue and Plate Design

Just a quick preview of how you can come to expect your dirtmodeler parts in the future.  Each part will be nicely entered on its own sprue.  In addition to the new layout for the parts, there are new parts coming too.  Stay tuned for the new offerings.

• New Tire Molds coming.

While casting some new tires, I’ve realized the molds i had have passed their prime.  This weekend i’ll be pouring fresh molds to help clean the finished products up a little.  I’ll pour the mold this evening, and be casting new tires tomorrow.  All those awaiting tires, orders will be shipping on Monday with the… Read More »

• Making an Upper A-Arm

Click a photo for a more detailed description. Tools mentioned in this article: [amazon_image id=”B000NQ4Q4C” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]TEKTON by MIT 7521 Helping Hand with Magnifier[/amazon_image] [amazon_link id=”B000NQ4Q4C” target=”_blank” ]TEKTON by MIT 7521 Helping Hand with Magnifier[/amazon_link] [amazon_image id=”B002RTKFWU” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Performance W3939 2-1/2-inch Drill Press Vise[/amazon_image] [amazon_link id=”B002RTKFWU” target=”_blank” ]Performance W3939 2-1/2-inch Drill… Read More »

• Cutting your Brass

Cutting brass isn’t like cutting plastic.  An x-acto blade or some side cutters simply won’t.. well.. cut it. Side cutters will flatten your brass tubes. You’ll want to get yourself a good mini miter & chop saw to accurately cut your brass stock. There are a few options out there, but my favorite saw is… Read More »