1987 Barren County Dirt Late Model – DM405

The 1987 Barren County kit is one that has a large number of possible uses.  In researching for this kit, we realized that there have been hundreds of different cars that use this basic type of body.   A modeler need only to make slight modifications to the nose, spoiler, and roof to make possible a number of different cars.

Assembly Instructions: 1987 Barren County Kit Instructions – 11/15 Release

 (The above document is a work in progress. It will be updated daily until complete.  the release date will change to reflect the version date)

Oh, the possibilities!

Please note: These are only examples, we do not have individual kits or decals specific to the cars pictured.  Images are meant as a guide to help showcase which cars are a best suited to replicate using this model kit.

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This kit is versatile as you can leave off the roof and add sideboards for a whole other group of possibilities.

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To locate additional reference photos for your project, we recommend visiting the Wedge Car group on Facebook located HERE. In that group you’ll be able to get in contact with the original photographers for additional images, or to purchase some prints for yourself.