1:24 Dirt Late Model Plans – FREE

By | June 2, 2011

Full Plans for a Rocket Dirt Late Model in 1:24 are available free.  These plans are Open Source. They are NOT to be resold under any circumstances without the express written consent of Michael S. Crowley. You can redistribute these plans, and modify them to your liking.

This document contains information on not only the chassis, but exploded view drawings of many of the body panels and other Dirt Modeler projects, whether you are using our parts, or scratch building your own.  Your builds can be mild to wild, it all depends on what you want to do with it.  You can build a chassis for very little money if you do it all yourself, just a few different rod sizes, and some time is all it takes.  If you build your own suspension mounts it can be even less expensive.  For those who don’t want to have to tackle build a chassis yourself, you can purchase a 3D printed chassis from Custom Dirt Chassis.  But if you are afraid to build a chassis yourself, are you sure you are want to build a model? Don’t be a wimp, give it a try. Building a tube chassis is one of the most fun things you can do.

To use this document, simply print it from Adobe Acrobat (free), and be very careful when you print the document that you select the option that does not scale the print to the page.  It will shrink the prints slightly and make it incorrect.  Grab a ruler and double check that the dimensions called out on the sheets are true to scale.

An updated and printed version of these plans is slowly in the works for those that have issues printing this document, Or are confused by its contents (these were only really designed for me to follow during my builds).  I’m working on the update now, and hope to have it available sometime before the end of time.

Please do not email individual questions or comments regarding this document. Please post any questions or comments in the discussion forum.

Download Link for Plans: 2007RocketPlans

5 thoughts on “1:24 Dirt Late Model Plans – FREE

  1. bubba930

    I’ve look at most everything on this Site, and I’m in Awl of what Workmansip that I saw!
    Not one piece that I looked at had any fault, I’d love to buy one of each item!
    Plus were where back in my day!
    Once again a Awesome site!

  2. chris baker

    Do you plan on making any more bird cages for the late models ? Where can we get some instructions for these parts ?

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  4. dirtracer57

    I would love to use the plans. I love the builds and forums I’ve read so far. Great job everybody.

  5. sfritz82

    On page 1 of 68 for the fuel cell… what size hardware is that depicting? I do not have any BOM showing sizes…
    Any help would be great! Thanks!

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