Dirt Modeler Workshop – Remodel Underway.

By | December 15, 2016

The Dirt Modeler workshop was hastily constructed when we first moved into our house. The shop ended up spilling out into half of the garage and wasn’t the best use of space. I’m currently in the process of doing a remodel of the shop, adding a lot of storage, shelving, and re-arranging the layout to get more use of the space. Until this is complete, I won’t be doing any casting, model building, or creating any video tutorials.

Orders will continue to ship for anything that I have in stock. I haven’t done any reorders for a while, and probably won’t until early next year.

There are some projects i want to work on, but just haven’t been able to because of how the shop is right now. Currently, everything in the shop is pushed into the center of the room, and i’m building various things on the walls, wiring up some new lighting, and generally making the shop more user friendly.

Thanks for reading.

– Dirt Modeler

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