92 Atomic 1:64 Kit – 3D viewer

By | August 18, 2014

Here’s a cool way for anyone who is interested to better visualize the upcoming 1992 Atomic Dirt Late Model Kit. Follow the link and you can rotate the model yourself in 3D.

One thing to note: The software i use to visualize my parts in 3D makes it difficult to produce the ‘connections’ between bent parts accurately. Some parts (like the roof and transition from the hood to the nose) have a step or a space between where they change direction. In real life, those steps will be joined by metal, and the transition between the two parts will be smooth. Anyway, i think this will give everyone a much better way to visualize what the kit will look like. This kit is designed to be low, wide, and pretty wicked.

1992 Atomic Dirt Late Model Kit – 3D Preview
by dirtmodeler
on Sketchfab

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