Loving the Dirt Late Model Projects!

By | March 22, 2013

I’ve got to say i’m really happy to see some Dirt Late Model projects getting finished and some moving forward.

There was such a long time that Dirt Late Models were a very rare type of replica for someone to build, and the quality of the builds really fluctuated from one to another.

My whole goal is to see Dirt Late Models from throughout history being captured in scale model form.  Lots of them, of different eras.  When i go to NASCAR modeling boards and see people building MULTIPLE replicas of a Derrick Cope car from 1983 that ran for 2 laps in practice and never raced again, yet the 1982 Charlie Swartz car that completely changed the face of dirt racing isn’t modeled or mentioned by anyone….. it kind of bugs me. (actually, it bugs me a lot.. i mean, come on, DERRICK COPE?)

It’s a slow process to get where i want to go, but we’re getting there. I’m making a big push to promote the site more, bring in new fans,, and to get some new equipment. It takes time, and lots of investment to get new equipment and move to the next level, and i’ve been chipping away at it constantly

So let’s all chip in and keep modeling.  Post your builds, and help out others get started and finish their projects. There are probably 500 different Dirt Late Models i’m dying to model, and will as soon as I can get Dirt Modeler to the critical mass it needs to be, i can focus just on this business and building stuff for myself… and won’t need that pesky day job sucking up 9 hours i could be spending here.

Thanks All!

2 thoughts on “Loving the Dirt Late Model Projects!

  1. NDRAdrew

    I was fortunate enough to run with NDRA from 1979-82 just a snot nose teenager from an unknown team but remeber it well. Only wish I still had my photo albums.
    Oh well hope to build some replica cars myself.

  2. Mike Golfis

    I can hardly wait to get the few things I need so I can start my Billy Moyer Wedge! Keep up the great work!

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