Sprint Car Spindles up in the store.

By | March 3, 2013

I’ve finally added the Solid Sprint Car Spindles to the store (Part# DM130)

I’m also working on instructions on how to assemble everything together.  I am happy with how everything looks.  Nothing looks more like real metal.. then real metal.

DM130-8 DM130-7


5 thoughts on “Sprint Car Spindles up in the store.

    1. Dirt Modeler Post author

      I hope to have it in the store today. They are axles that i’ve milled out an angled groove for the spindle mount at ten degrees. I just wasn’t able to find the bag of pieces that fit into that groove last night, so i didn’t put them up in the store yet.

      1. mjjracer

        Outstanding! Will be ordering this week (if they don’t sell out!)
        Really appreciate the instructions. When you are feeling better – this is a winter for particularly nasty stuff! – perhaps you could do some instructions for the sprint brakes for the clueless like myself.
        Thanks for everything Michael!

        1. mjjracer

          Oops! Looks like I’m too late – 0 available. Story of my life.
          Any word on a new batch?
          That’ll teach me to wait too long between my trips to your site!

          1. Dirt Modeler Post author

            Spindle Kits are loaded back into the store. I shorted the available quantity when i first put them in the store to give me leigh-way to send all of the required replacements for the first customers who ordered the error version.

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