Dirt Modeler Solid Parts – Prepping before Paint.

By | March 1, 2013

I’ve been doing some research and have found it is recommended that you soak them completely submerged in Acetone (nail polish remover) for 10-12 minutes, and instantly wash in clean water to rinse off the Acetone, and let dry completely on a paper towel.

I recommend checking the parts after 5 minutes in the Acetone just to be safe.

The Acetone removes some of the possible remnants of the manufacturing process and will help with paint adhesion.


3 thoughts on “Dirt Modeler Solid Parts – Prepping before Paint.

    1. Dirt Modeler Post author

      Hi Chris,

      By solid parts, i mean the printed parts, hubs, etc. I have been reading that they use wax as a support structure. And wax doesn’t get along very well with model paints. The wax is a new development for me. The parts i receive as masters from another company require no prep work at all, you can prime them right when you get them with no problems at all. But.. they are more expensive too, so we have to deal with the wax.

      1. Dirt Modeler Post author

        Just to add… PE products should be good to go right off the bat with no real cleaning needed. I like to hit them with a foaming bathroom cleaner (scrubbing bubbles, etc) before i use them just to get any residual residue off of them. You’ll probably notice either my or my wife’s fingerprints on some of the parts from when we put them into the bags for shipping.

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