By | February 19, 2013

Well,  We’re back from our mini vacation on the coast for the weekend.  We had a nice surprise when we got back, we’ve finally edged over the 300 fan threshold on Facebook. Thanks everyone!

Getting back into the groove, all pending orders will be taken care of today and tomorrow.

On the product front, the replacement Wide-5 hubs are set to arrive today and if the quality is up to our standards those awaiting their orders will be taken care of by tomorrow.

I expect the new stainless steel plates to be here in early March, i’m pretty excited about the new assortment that adds a bunch of new parts to our lineup.

Our next plate design will be Brass, or possibly nickel silver.  The metal will really be determined by what goes onto it.  My main goal for the next plate is to complete a solid design for the Dirt Late Model front suspension, and any Photoetched parts that would be required to make it a reality.

My goal for 2013 is to have a complete line of parts to build a dirt late model.  Parts that were difficult to make from the first version are being redesigned for easier construction.

I’ve got about a month to six weeks before we hit our busiest time of the year at my day job.  At that point development will slow to a trickle, and we’ll be doing mostly just order fulfillment until around August.

I’ll be completing all of the development i can before that time.

Thanks for reading, until next time.



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