Slowing down for the week, picking back up next week.

By | February 14, 2013

Getting the new plates finalized last weekend, and adjusting to all of the changes in the USPS pricing matrix has been really time consuming and draining.  It will take some time to adjust to the new changes.

Some of the orders we sent off early this week, and maybe even some sent off last week (i’m not absolutely sure at this point), may be returned to us for additional postage.  So far we’ve only had one package returned.

The bubble mailers we send most of our shipments in are now considered a parcel, rather then a thick envelope as they were previously.  There is about $1.00 difference between the two.  Our hope is that most of the items we sent off will continue on without bouncing back to us, and most of your orders won’t be delayed.

Now that we know of this change, we can prevent it from happening again.  Unfortunately, we already mailed ~20 orders since this new USPS policy took affect.

This will all sort itself out over the next two weeks.

Our plan this weekend is to take a mini vacation and recuperate a little bit.  We’re starting to get busy again at my day job, and i’m a little worn out from working constantly.

We’ll pick back up next week and get everything back in order.

I appreciate your patience.

Michael S. Crowley
Dirt Modeler

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