Poor quality Wide-5 Hubs this shipment.

By | January 29, 2013

When filling orders this weekend I finally cracked open the bags i received of the Wide-5 Hubs and noticed the terrible quality these ones arrived in.  I’m in contact with the manufacturer to rectify the situation.  These are the kind of things that make you pull your hair out when you are in business… inconsistency.  I have a pretty high quality threshold here at Dirt Modeler, and keeping my suppliers above that threshold can be difficult.


2 thoughts on “Poor quality Wide-5 Hubs this shipment.

  1. Dirt Modeler Post author

    I’ll be filling any backorders for the Wide-5 hubs as soon as the replacements come. The last email i received they said they were “investigating what happened”.

    I’ve heard they are pretty prompt with fixing things like this, so let’s hope the trend continues.

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