Mirror error on Birdcage first run.

By | January 25, 2013

A few customers received our new Sprint Car birdcages, and have noticed that the left side birdcage didn’t seem to work.

What happened was when i redid the initial design, the mirror command i had in place for the first version didn’t translate over.  I didn’t notice this mistake.

I’ll be fixing this error over the weekend, as well as making the needed changes to the Sprint Car Spindles, and having new ones produced.

Anyone who purchased a Sprint Car Birdcage kit will get replacement left side birdcages as soon as they arrive.

Sorry about the trouble.

Dirt Modeler

One thought on “Mirror error on Birdcage first run.

  1. Dirt Modeler Post author

    An update on this. I completed the artwork for the birdcages (and spindles) and got it sent off this weekend. I decided on the birdcages to put brake caliper mounts on both sides. this way customers can decide if they want brakes on both rear wheels or not. If no brakes are desired, the caliper mounts can be clipped off and sanded smooth with relative ease.

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