Next Plate for 2013 – Stainless Steel

By | January 16, 2013

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to decide on which direction to go for the next plate full of parts.

After some sketching, spreadsheeting, and calculating, the best plate to produce will be a .010″ stainless steel plate.

I have a number of parts already drawn up for this plate, and some more are on the way.

This next plate will feature:

1. 1:24 Wheel Covers to fit the Losi Micro Crawler.
2. Sprint Car Rock Guards – This item was announced last year, but up until now i haven’t had a plate full enough to produce them.  These are coming finally.
3. 1:25 Drag Car Cockpit assortment – I’ve had these drawn up for nearly a year, but haven’t had a place to put them.  This assortment will be shifters, tabs, a steering wheel, and many more items on one fret for 1:25th Drag cars.
4. Spray Masks for Radiators – I’m producing these in multiple scales, and making them out of stainless this time so they will be lifetime durable.
5. Dzus Self Ejecting Plates – There are a zillion of these out there, but this will complete my line of Dzus plates.  These will include some features that none of the other Dzus kits out there offer, and they will mesh up with our existing Dzus Base Plate kits.
6. Drag Racing Exhaust Flanges – coming in 4 scales, these are more items that were drawn up in early 2012 but never made it onto a plate.
7. Battery Boxes – I’ll leave this one purposely ambiguous.  Batteries are going to play a major role the 2013 Dirt Modeler lineup.
8. Last but not least, Washer Kits – There are many sources for scale washers out there, but these will have a difference.  The Dirt Modeler line of washers will come in multiple frets specific to Scale Hardware bolts.  No longer will you need to cross your fingers that the part will fit.  Each fret of washers (in multiple different variations) will be scaled to perfectly fit a corresponding Scale Hardware nut and bolt combination, and will have the Scale Hardware part number etched right onto the fret.  It will be a gold mine for builders who utilize a lot of Scale Hardware supplies.

Those and possibly more will be packed on the next plate.

Coming around March 2013.

– Dirt Modeler



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