New Wide-5 Hubs Pass Fit Test!

By | January 12, 2013

Arriving today are the new Wide-5 Hubs.

They passed the fit test, and will be available soon for purchase.

The first batch is designed to fit Scale Hardware .5mm nuts and bolts (shown).  The head of the bolt fits into a slot in the back of the hub for a secure mount, especially with a dab of super glue over the joint.

9 thoughts on “New Wide-5 Hubs Pass Fit Test!

    1. Dirt Modeler Post author

      Thanks for the question. These will indeed available in a complete kit with the rotors and caps. I will also be selling them as an option without the PE caps and brake rotors for $1.00 less. This will enable anybody who has purchased our previous generation hub and rotor kit to use their existing hardware for these.

  1. Dirt Modeler Post author

    Hey guys, i have them up on the store now. A PE version, and one without PE for those that already have one of our round rotor hub kits and want to utilize these new parts instead.

  2. shawnh24n43

    Is there a plan for a scalloped rotor version? And any chance of seeing a Wilwood lettered version of the hubs?

    1. Dirt Modeler Post author

      I could do a scalloped version, only we’ve had such soft demand for the scalloped rotor kits, i didn’t think anyone wanted them. I don’t think i could do a lettered version, the letters are too small for the equipment to pick up. Likely, the way to do it would be with decals, placed on the hub before painting. I could print decals thick enough to be visible after the hubs were painted, and it would look like raised lettering on the hub.

      Developments like that are tough for me right now because i don’t have my paint booth in this space.

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