New products on the burner – Beadlocks for Losi R/C Mini/Micro Crawlers.

By | January 7, 2013

I received an email from a customer about a week past asking if our Beadlock/Wheel Cover upgrades for the SoReal Diecasts would work on a Losi Micro Crawler.  They unfortunately didn’t, but it started me wondering.

I ordered a set of tires and wheels for a Losi Micro Crawler, which arrived yesterday.  The good news is, I absolutely can make beadlocks for these things, that will bolt on 6 bolt spots on the wheel.

This will likely push a couple things around as i think these have a lot of potential.  I’ll be making them for both the 1:24th and 1:18th crawlers, in a variety of different designs.  Photoetching will give us an advantage over existing upgrades because we’ll be able to add more detail for a lower cost, and unique designs not yet offered.

The wheel covers will be something other then brass for durability, though i have to decide between stainless steel (least expensive, most durable), and Nickel Silver (more expensive, fairly durable, and paint-able).

It all depends on what i decide to put on the plate with them, i try to put eggs in as many baskets as possible when producing new parts to reduce the chance of catastrophic public dis-interest in a new product.



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