Update on the 3D printed spindles and birdcages.

By | December 28, 2012

I only had a few minutes to tinker with the package that arrived today while on lunch.  The good news is, i was able to quickly assemble a Sprint Car Spindle.  The pin fit through the Photoetched Hub, through the 3D printed backer and snugly into the Spindle just as designed.

When i have time this weekend i’ll actually solder the two halves of the Hub together, and assemble a front end properly with the linkage parts fit into the spindle.

I was only able to visually inspect the Birdcages, but they look perfect.  I’ll have to test the fit to insure the pins fit into the holes, and that the axle tube will fit inside the birdcage.. But it’s looking good.

Worst case i’ll have to do one more revision to be perfect, but these look good to go to me thus far.

The pin that fits through the hub is pretty brittle, and may be a nuisance to some.  I’ll see if Jim at Micro Nitro would be interested in making an ‘add-on’ set of two machined pins out of aluminum or brass for sale as a secondary solution.

– Michael


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