Help Needed: Dirt Late Model Front Spindle/Upper A Arm dimensions.

By | December 19, 2012

I have some new ideas on how to do a Dirt Late Model front suspension better then my initial design was.  This new design will be more accurate ( and easier to build). As a result, i’m going to start from scratch and redraw every part of the front suspension. I am really hoping to start with real set of dimension drawings to work with to keep them as accurate as possible.

I think I have the Sprint Car spindle problem solved.  I’ll know for certain in a couple weeks when the new parts arrive.  In the meantime, it’s time a turned my attention to a gaping hole in the Dirt Modeler lineup, the Dirt Late Model front suspension.

This is where i could use some help.  Can someone with the resources be so kind as to volunteer some time to measure out a detailed set of measurements from a (preferably) Rocket front spindle, and the upper A arms?

I’ve been doing some preliminary drawings of how things would work, and i think it will be great.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Dirt Modeler


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3 thoughts on “Help Needed: Dirt Late Model Front Spindle/Upper A Arm dimensions.

  1. bubba930

    Michael I’m sure that your new idea works out, I know Clay, and Dirt Demon will be Happy to see this come to be!


  2. Dirt Modeler Post author

    Thanks Mikey 🙂

    If i can’t get a good set of dimensions in a month or so, i think i’m just going to see if i can buy a used spindle off a racing junk site 🙂

    My only wish i that i had two more hands, and the ability to live without sleep.. there’s so much i want to get done!

  3. chris b

    Hello Michael, a friend of mine who races late models here local has a Rocket chassis ! The problem is…..I don’t know what points to measure from ? 🙁 If you had a schematic or a drawing to guide me from I could get some measurements !

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