Plate 13 (Chrome) shipped off. Now onto Plate 14.

By | November 19, 2012

The Chrome plate artwork is all complete, and shipped off for etching.  I hope to see it show up around Christmas.. but with the Holidays it may show up a little later.

Now it’s time to start focusing on Plate 14.

Plate 14 will be a plate of a number of different things.

First, as i mentioned in a previous post, i’ll be adding some 4×4 beadlocks and wheel covers in some new designs, and some of the initial designs in raw brass.  These will be for those that want them painted, and not shiny chrome.  The exact choices and quantity of beadlocks haven’t been decided, and will depend on how the chrome ones sell.

Next on the plate will be a whole new set of brackets and tabs.  With these i decided to kind of think out of the box.  Instead of basing their sizes on specific scales, i’m basing them on what hardware they will be used with.

RB Motion carries 10 different sizes of Rod Ends.  What i’ve designed is a set of different brackets and mounts based on real-world ones, but scaled specifically to fit those rod-ends.  These brackets will be multi-use, and not grounded in any specific modeling category or scale since they are designed for a rod end size.  So if your purchase a pack of the #1500 Rod Ends, there will be a corresponding Dirt Modeler part with a group of brackets specifically to fit those rod ends.

Along the same lines, i’m doing the same type of deal with Scale Hardware Bolts, and JL Morris Screws.  There is a set of mounting tabs scaled specifically to fit a group of bolt sizes.

My hope is that it will open up the possibilities of building, and help keep the costs down of trying new things.

Some of the other things on the radar for Plate for 14 are:

1:16th Radiator Logo Spray Masks – I made these in 1:24, and they have been popular.  I’ll scale them up for 1:16 and see how they fare.  I’ll also be doing logos that are more related to drag racing.

–  Brass Cage Gussets – I did the artwork for these a while ago, I have a nice variety of different styles.  I’ll likely offer them in 1:24, 1:16, 1:12, and 1:8.  There are sources for these already, but not in brass (which is so much nicer for soldered frames).

– Body Mounting Tabs – There are lots of people working on drag cars and cutting their own out of plastic or metal.  I hope to save everyone some time with scaled sheets of a few different tab designs in 1:24, 1:16, 1:12, and 1:8.

I think that will pretty much fill the plate up.  I may have to remove some parts or scales to get everything to fit.  I won’t know until i finalize everything and start putting them on.

Until Next Time.

– Michael

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