Join the 1:24 Injection Molded Dirt Late Model Kit Movement.

The Project: A 1:24th scale fully injection molded plastic kit of a modern Dirt Late Model.

The Goal : We’re looking for 10,000 nods of support from interested modelers and fans worldwide.  We’re still WELL below our goal, and could really use your help in making this happen.

Your Role: Show your support to this project, and indicate that your interest a kit when they were available. Help spread the word by telling your friends, posting to Facebook and Twitter, and sharing a link to this page on any racing and modeling forum that you visit.

This is a grass roots project. It will take effort from everyone to make a reality.  The amount of work and setup costs are extremely high.  The most helpful thing that can be done at this point is spreading the word.  We need a solid display of community support before we can even think about beginning a project of this magnitude.

The Product: This will be the real deal.  A highly accurate 1:24th scale model kit of a Dirt Late Model that will make the diecast cars look like toys.  These kits will adopt the design and accuracy of the Masterpiece Series replicas by Intersection Replicas/Michael Crowley (shown here) but improved and expanded further.  The Kit will be multimedia (both injection molded plastic parts, and metal parts).

Information collected from this form will be used only to measure overall interest in this project, and not for other marketing purposes.


  1. Michael…

    This has been a long time coming. Let me know if I can help in any way with detailed designs, reference data, or prototyping. I have my fingers crossed that this becomes real!

  2. That would be incredible!!! I also hope it becomes a reality!!

  3. I agree with the other’s, it’s incredible for sure.
    The very best to you Michael.

  4. WOOOOOOOW ! 10,000…..I dont know if this will ever happen in my life time but I’m all for it. Im in !

  5. Michael
    I can’t wait I’m in. Steve

  6. I figure, if Honey Boo Boo can get 10 million viewers, we can get 10,000 dirt racing fans interested in a Dirt Late Model kit.

    It’s up to all of us to make it happen :)


  8. I would take 10-12 kits if produced.

  9. Count me in, and anything I can do to help let me know

  10. Awesome, I’m ready for a few…. Who said Dreams don’t come True

  11. I really hope this happens soon ! I’ve been searching for a dirt late model kit for many years and finally some good news.

  12. Keep those registrations coming! We’ve still got a long way to go. The only way we’re ever going to have these made is determination.

    – Michael

  13. I’m in would love to see them

  14. I to would buy multiple kits… they’d look really nice next to my sprint car models :) Any news as to where we’re at on the numbers?

  15. Would love to see these avalible. They are something I would purchase a lot!

  16. Well im in and one more closer for this!

  17. I am in for a couple

  18. I’m in! It would be amazing to finally have a DLM kit available.

  19. I will buy a couple of them. Hope it happens!!!

  20. I would take a couple. Hope this works out. Any idea when you have the dirt late model body back in stock. Email me mkernsphotos@gmail.c. thanks keep up the awesome job

  21. I would love to have a few of these kits as building latemodels from nascar chassis and asa chassis is burdensome to get the body to look right in scale

  22. I to would buy several kits if the price was fair, and if you teamed up with Dwight at custom dirt cars i think this would be a great project.

  23. Been waiting for some thing like this for a LOOOOOOOOONG TIME. Any idea about price maker yet?

    • Still no idea on overall costs. Right now i’m trying to enough interest to even consider the project. The movement is growing slowly, but we’ve still a very long way to go.

  24. Would love to have some of these both as static models and as oval track slot car racers

  25. I have been a big late model fan ever since they first came along in the late 60’s early 70’s. I also worked on late models as well, I would love to see model kits of late models, I watch them on tv as well as at a dirt track about 80 miles away when I can. I love dirt track late models. I would buy several kits myself.

  26. Sounds like a great deal,let’s pray for success . This is the kind of thing that I really enjoy

  27. This would be great,,I cant vote, it wont let me give my info to vote,, but would love to see these in production,,and maybe other kinds of dirt cars.

  28. Im in for $300 worth

  29. Left a comment some time ago, but I would buy several of these cars.

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