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Restocks coming in 2018

2017 was a mellow year from Dirt Modeler. I spent most of this year buried in my day job, and working on projects around the house. I basically let Dirt Modeler run on autopilot through the year, selling through the stock i had on-hand. I’ve been out of a few things for a while now,… Read More »

Dirt Modeler Workshop – Remodel Underway.

The Dirt Modeler workshop was hastily constructed when we first moved into our house. The shop ended up spilling out into half of the garage and wasn’t the best use of space. I’m currently in the process of doing a remodel of the shop, adding a lot of storage, shelving, and re-arranging the layout to… Read More »

Scale Hardware Closed Down – Unfortunately.

I found out fairly recently that Scale Hardware closed down shop after serving the modeling industry with the best small nuts and bolts on the market. I don’t think it will be easy to replace them, though there is a company in the UK that makes some similar products. they can be found here: Prime… Read More »

New Test Product for 1:64 Jada “Just Trucks”

We recently produced a new Stainless Steel plate, and with the few inches of left over space, we thought we’d make something for the Jada Truck customizers out there. The Just Trucks series from Jada Toys is a pretty neat series, and what would be cooler then a wheel cover add-on! So we created a… Read More »

Forum and Website Login – Now with Facebook.

I’m working to continue to make the Dirt Modeler site and experience as user friendly as possible. I’ve installed a Facebook Login feature, so there is no more needing to know any passwords! Note: The login information and account for the main website (forums, topic comments, etc), is different then your login in our online… Read More »

Welcome to v3.0

The Dirt Modeler website was getting long in the tooth, so it was time for an upgrade. The new site design gives me more freedom and room for content, and is designed to work in Tablets and Mobile Devices. There will be a number of tweaks and changes to the new design as i continue… Read More »

92 Atomic 1:64 Kit – 3D viewer

Here’s a cool way for anyone who is interested to better visualize the upcoming 1992 Atomic Dirt Late Model Kit. Follow the link and you can rotate the model yourself in 3D. One thing to note: The software i use to visualize my parts in 3D makes it difficult to produce the ‘connections’ between bent… Read More »

New Store Feature: Notify Me.

I’ve installed a new module to the shopping cart to help both us, and our customers communicate stock status.If you are in the store and see something out of stock that you’d like to purchase, please click the ‘notify me’ button. The shopping cart will now automatically send you an email when that item is back… Read More »

Heavy Development Underway at Dirt Modeler

I thought i’d take a moment and add a new post to the website to let everyone who doesn’t frequent our Facebook page to know we’re still here and active. Currently, I’m well into development of a whole new line of 1:64th Scale Dirt Late Model kits.  The expected release date for this new line… Read More »

Loving the Dirt Late Model Projects!

I’ve got to say i’m really happy to see some Dirt Late Model projects getting finished and some moving forward. There was such a long time that Dirt Late Models were a very rare type of replica for someone to build, and the quality of the builds really fluctuated from one to another. My whole… Read More »

Replacement Sprint Car Birdcages – En-Route!

For those of you awaiting your corrected sprint car birdcages, help is on the way! I spent a fair share of time last night pouring through past orders finding everyone who had ordered the original release of the solid sprint car birdcages.  I was able to track all of the orders down and get replacements… Read More »

Paypal Error Found – And Corrected.

Customers who have ordered the past week or so, and paid with their Paypal Balance (and not directly with a bank card) may be wondering where their orders are. I uncovered an error this morning that brought the problem to light.  Thanks to Todd Peterson for starting the ball rolling with his emails wondering where… Read More »


Well,  We’re back from our mini vacation on the coast for the weekend.  We had a nice surprise when we got back, we’ve finally edged over the 300 fan threshold on Facebook. Thanks everyone! Getting back into the groove, all pending orders will be taken care of today and tomorrow. On the product front, the replacement Wide-5… Read More »

February Updates for Dirt Modeler

2013 has already been a busy year for Dirt Modeler with lots of new products and changes. We’re keeping that theme with all that is going on during the month of February. Just completed and sent off this weekend is the plate artwork for our 13th plate design.  This plate, all stainless steel, has a… Read More »

International shipping charges increased.

Due to a big increase in International shipping fees by the USPS, i’m unfortunately forced to increase my shipping to compensate. I recently sent out an Australian order, and what used to cost me $8.00, now costs $12.50. Domestic shipping went up as well, but only slightly, and not enough to raise our rates.  

Poor quality Wide-5 Hubs this shipment.

When filling orders this weekend I finally cracked open the bags i received of the Wide-5 Hubs and noticed the terrible quality these ones arrived in.  I’m in contact with the manufacturer to rectify the situation.  These are the kind of things that make you pull your hair out when you are in business… inconsistency.… Read More »

Mirror error on Birdcage first run.

A few customers received our new Sprint Car birdcages, and have noticed that the left side birdcage didn’t seem to work. What happened was when i redid the initial design, the mirror command i had in place for the first version didn’t translate over.  I didn’t notice this mistake. I’ll be fixing this error over… Read More »

12 Sets of Wheels and Tires up on Ebay.

Now that i’m pretty comfortable in the new garage space, i’ve been going through boxes that were stacked away on the move-in. I was able to put together 12 good sets of wide-5 wheels and tires, and decided to put them up on Ebay. It’s unlikely more of these will be made anytime in the… Read More »

Merging products in the Store.

You’ll notice over the next few days the number of items will be going down in the store.  What i’m doing is merging items to make things easier to find. When the change is complete, you’ll just need to click the item that you are interested in, and select which finish you want (Chrome, Raw Brass,… Read More »

Next Plate for 2013 – Stainless Steel

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to decide on which direction to go for the next plate full of parts. After some sketching, spreadsheeting, and calculating, the best plate to produce will be a .010″ stainless steel plate. I have a number of parts already drawn up for this plate, and some more are… Read More »

New Wide-5 Hubs Pass Fit Test!

Arriving today are the new Wide-5 Hubs. They passed the fit test, and will be available soon for purchase. The first batch is designed to fit Scale Hardware .5mm nuts and bolts (shown).  The head of the bolt fits into a slot in the back of the hub for a secure mount, especially with a… Read More »

Update on the 3D printed spindles and birdcages.

I only had a few minutes to tinker with the package that arrived today while on lunch.  The good news is, i was able to quickly assemble a Sprint Car Spindle.  The pin fit through the Photoetched Hub, through the 3D printed backer and snugly into the Spindle just as designed. When i have time… Read More »

Off-Road Beadlocks Have Arrived

  The Plates have come in, and the new parts will be available soon. The only issue with these plates is that they weren’t chromed like they they were supposed to be. The raw brass line will be available at a lower cost, so this could be an advantageous error to those who were more… Read More »

Coming in weeks – Chrome Parts Galore

The next wave of new parts from Dirt Modeler will come pre-chromed.  This plate signals Dirt Modeler’s first foray into 4×4 specific parts, and our first support of 1:25th specific parts (under the new Nitro Modeler name). These parts will be available just after Christmas for order. This new plate has 10 ALL NEW part designs.… Read More »

Moving During October

October will be a little hectic on the Dirt Modeler scene.   I’m moving out of the shop this month.  I’m going to first move the Dirt Modeler related items over and get that setup so business won’t be interrupted.  Then i’m going to be organizing, throwing away, or selling whatever production items from building replicas… Read More »

Dirt Modeler on Ebay

Since i’m selling my molds and masters, i’ve had a couple customers asking my Ebay account information. Please note that i haven’t yet put the molds up on Ebay, i’m still cataloging and photographing everything for the ad.  I’ll post when i do (all posts now automatically get re-posted to Facebook and Twitter) The following is a link to the Dirt Modeler… Read More »

Avatars up on the Site.

It’s a small addition, but i’ve added a custom Avatar plugin to the site.  You can now up load your own avatar images to show next to your posts on the main site and on the forums.  Go to Edit Profile, and scroll to the bottom to upload your avatar.  Cool!  

1:24th Kirkey Seats back in stock.

1:24th Kirkey Seats are back in stock, our shipment arrived today.  I’ll be adding the 1:12th Dzus plates, and 1:43 Kirkey seats to the store later today.

Dirt Modeler on Twitter

Continuing our Social Media Integration, I’ve added Dirt Modeler to twitter.  This applet will post a tweet whenever a new article is posted on the site.