Well,  We’re back from our mini vacation on the coast for the weekend.  We had a nice surprise when we got back, we’ve finally edged over the 300 fan threshold on Facebook. Thanks everyone! Getting back into the groove, all pending orders will >> Read more […]

Moving During October

Huge piles of cardboard boxes

October will be a little hectic on the Dirt Modeler scene.   I’m moving out of the shop this month.  I’m going to first move the Dirt Modeler related items over and get that setup so business won’t be interrupted.  Then i’m going to be organizing, >> Read more […]

Dirt Modeler on Ebay


Since i’m selling my molds and masters, i’ve had a couple customers asking my Ebay account information. Please note that i haven’t yet put the molds up on Ebay, i’m still cataloging and photographing everything for the ad.  I’ll post when i do >> Read more […]